Foldable Baby carrier

Keep your baby with you at all times when it comes to HIPSTER Air compact inflatable baby carrier. This folding children’s network company stretches back to the size of a makeup bag and blows it into a full-size network company. Better yet, it supports your baby’s weight without pulling your back.

Parents are certainly helpful. Every parent loves to hold their small child while their hands are free to do other things. But they have some flaws. That is, they can be large and have loose ropes, make folds and pack them near impossibility.

As a result, you may not have a baby when you need it most; if you are out of home and need an extra hand. But HIPSTER Air is changing all that with its flexible, inflatable design. Let’s take a closer look at this parental gadget.

The HIPSTER Air inflates with a built-in hand pump

While there are inflatable baby carriers on the market, many require users to blow their lips, which is time-consuming and unclean — especially when many caregivers are involved.

On the other hand, this folding baby carrier comes with an integrated hand pump that works in seconds, enlarging it to full size. And, since no one needs to touch the handle in their mouth, everyone stays healthy.

In addition, the hip company’s hip seat rises to a level that you can adjust depending on your preference and that of your child. Even better: you do not need to remove the network company, chair, or child to add air, which makes it a very useful baby gadget.

This compact baby carrier deflates quickly

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When you get home from work in the morning, you do not want to wait for the network company to expire — you will have lunch and bedtime to stay on time.

Fortunately, this folding children’s network company is shrinking in seconds, thanks to its output valve. It also has a protective cover and a push-out system that prevents leakage.

This inflatable carrier folds down to makeup-bag size

As we mentioned above, most baby carriers are so large that they’re difficult to pack into a diaper bag. Even if you do manage to make yours fit, there’s no space for, well, diapers. So you end up not packing a carrier at all or keeping it in your car where it isn’t exactly handy.

The HIPSTER Air, however, folds down to the size of a makeup pouch, a shape that fits in pretty much any kind of bag, backpack, or purse for a hands-free carry solution whenever you need it

Simply deflate the hip seat and fold the rest of the carrier into the integrated storage pocket. Nope, you won’t even have to keep track of a storage bag since this foldable carrier has one built in.