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AR/VR Headset

Early next year, Apple plans to roll out its expensive device with advanced chips, displays, sensors, and avatar-based features. “

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will be integrated with Apple Glass simultaneously.

Apple’s first headset will have mixed facts. It will include both the unpopular reality of the taxpayers we see and the virtual reality. Virtual reality is a great place for the most effective games with high quality graphics, or you can play both. Apple’s first headset is intended to provide a mixed real-world experience that can handle high-quality real-world games on snappy processors and high-end displays, ”Gurman added to his Newsletter.

There have been some rumors about a product to be released soon, one of which suggests that the upcoming headset may change its focus to the unpopular reality of taxpayers we see and cover games.

Gurman believes that Apple’s goal is to integrate the realities of the games into the highest level of physical reality.

For years Apple has been working on its own hybrid system and the wait seems to be over.

From Virtual Reality, in the past which was an immersive experience that closed the real world, to a Mixed Reality experience that combines Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality and allows digital objects to interact will enhance Apple’s stock.

In an effort to reduce the barriers to virtual reality where customers are standing or limited by the width of the gaming console, Apple has changed its game. It is in the process of unveiling its latest virtual reality headset.

As Bloomberg’s ‘Power On’ Newsletter reported, Apple’s planned AR / VR headset will have high-quality features and features, so its price will need to be modest, as the company plans to release it early. next year.

Apple’s non-productive headset has been the subject of rumors and claims for a long time, especially as Apple has always kept consumers skeptical about future products.

Analysts have predicted that it will be called the N301, and will feature a display with a high resolution of 8K, as well as advanced chips and sensors.