Ready to see what tech gadgets you’ll want to try in 2022? From household robots to VR glasses that support your well-being, consumer tech products in 2022 are poised to make our lives healthier, more efficient, and more sustainable than ever.

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1. The XGIMI Aura 4K laser projector is a very short throw. Produces 17.3 ″ clear images from any wall for better viewing.

Aura - Welcome To XGIMI India

Maybe your next TV is not a TV, but an XGIMI Aura 4K laser projector. This stylish gadget you will try in 2022 saves you space, shines 2,400 ANSI luminaries, and features 4K UHD adjustments for amazing detail sensing.

Found it for $ 2,499 on the official website.

2. The Samsung M7 Smart Monitor connects to AirPlay 2 and allows you to get the job done without a PC. It also acts as a smart TV screen.

Samsung M7 Smart Monitor on a desk

Upgrade your monitor to a smart 2022 with Samsung M7 Smart Monitor. This spiffy monitor allows you to work on it without a PC and connect to the Voice Assistant or SmartThings App. It also has popular entertainment apps and can work remotely from the office or school desktop.

Get it for $ 379.99.

3. Peloton Guide AI-enabled gym camera shows you on a TV screen, allowing you to compare your movements with your instructor’s.

Peloton Guide with a woman exercising

Make sure you have the right form during the 2022 workout with the Peloton Guide AI-enabled exercise camera. Allows you to track your movements on the screen and gives you access to custom exercise recommendations.

This gadget is coming soon and is priced at $ 495. Learn more about it on the official website.

4. HTC VIVE Flow VR glasses support your health and well-being. They have a comfortable, lightweight design for easy handling.

HTC VIVE Flow VR Glasses on a woman meditating

Another great technology gadget you can try in 2022 glasses for the HTC VIVE Flow VR. Unlike most VR mirrors, they are actually not for sport or business purposes. Instead, you can watch meditation programs, mind training programs, or movies and TV shows.

He made $ 499 from the official website.

5. Capstone Smart Mirror makes you ready for the day. Use it to check the weather, watch traffic reports, watch YouTube video, and more.

Capstone Smart Mirror with a man

Do a lot of things while getting ready in the morning if you have a Capstone Smart Mirror. Its touch screen technology makes searching for information easier. You can even display content from your smartphone.